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A Brief History

From humble beginnings to massive events attended by thousands, discover how Sci-Fi Cons have evolved over the years. Explore notable moments and see how they've become an integral part of pop culture. The first science-fiction convention started way back in 1939. Known as the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), it marked the beginning of a new era in fan gatherings. Initially, it was a modest event, but it laid the groundwork for the expansive and vibrant conventions we see today. Over the decades, these gatherings have grown exponentially, transforming from small, intimate meetups into massive events attended by thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Spotlight on Major Cons

Get an insider's view of the world's biggest and most iconic Sci-Fi Cons. From Comic-Con to DragonCon, delve into their unique histories, major events, and standout moments. Some of these conventions, like DragonCon, feature autographs, parties, elaborate costume contests, and interactive fan experiences, while other events focus more on industry insights like panel discussions with creators, exclusive screenings, and workshops. For example, Comic-Con International, held in San Diego, is perhaps the most renowned, initially focusing on comics but expanding to include a vast array of pop culture elements. It's famous for major announcements in the entertainment industry, celebrity panels, and previews of upcoming films and TV shows.

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The Art of Cosplay: Discover the dedication, craftsmanship, and passion behind the costumes that steal the show. Learn how cosplay has transformed from simple fan costumes to intricate masterpieces.

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Hear from fans and attendees about their memorable experiences, transformative moments, and why Sci-Fi Cons hold a special place in their hearts.

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